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I have another question. I need to safely removemy wallpaper from my antique plaster walls. I tried starting in my dining room, only to discover that the walls had not been properly prepped before the paper was put up. We've tried scraping, wetting, steaming, nothing really works, and half the time I end up removing plaster along with the paper! I'm beginning to think that getting that old wallpaper down without taking off the plaster will take a minor miracle.

Do you have any tricks or hints that could help?
Get the professional wallpaper stripping solution. You mix it into spray bottles (or even a garden sprayer if you have a spare), and spray it on the wallpaper.

You spray it on and (here is the trick) KEEP IT WET by spraying more on it. After about 20 minutes it will almost fall off of the wall. If it isn't coming off AND you've kept it wet the whole time, just keep it wet and wait a little longer.

What's that trick again? KEEP IT WET WITH THE SOLUTION. Again?

OK, I think you've got it.

Hey, it's worth another $10 to try it. Wink
Thanks Ron!!! We'll give it a shot. Can't be any worse then what we've been trying up to this point!!!
TheGuru and I had some grass paper that we needed to strip. TheGuru kept telling me that you had to keep it wet, and to be patient.

Of course I had to learn it for myself. Rolling Eyes Kept trying to rush it. He just kept telling me to be more patient.

It really did work for me.

Good Luck!
Here is a quick idea - in case you haven't done it yet. Buy
some of the really cheap thin plastic drop cloths (- you can
get a bag of 5 rolls for a couple dollars.) Wet your surface
real well and stick the drop cloth to the wall. It will hold the
moisture in (with A/C or heat of summer it will dry fast) and
it won't take as long; you won't have to be rewetting.
The first time I did this I just smushed up a drop cloth and stuck
it in a bucket of soapy water and stuck it to the damp wall. It was
really drying too fast to start pulling paper off the wall. As long
as the surface isn't really running wet it shouldn't effect the wall
behind the paper.



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