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Hi Guru,

Please advise on what the most cost effective way
to fence in a 5 acre property line. The area is wooded,
and the rest of the property is defined by a stone wall.

Very Happy
Unfortunately TheGuru isn't visiting here much lately. Sad

What kind of fencing would you like?

Permanent? Temporary? Good looking? Utilitarian? Barbed wire? 4 foot? 6 foot? To contain/exclude people, horses, dogs, or mice?

There's split-rail fencing, chain-link fencing, chicken-wire fencing..

Let's talk it through!
Thanks for the reply Ron!

Our property was once one large piece of land. The other
half was sold, and we need to establish a boundary.

We need to keep 7 years old and younger uprights out
of the pasture and woodlands---the coyotes are numerous;
as well as there is a small pond is also on the property.

We need a semi permanent fence in case our needs for
the land change. We feel strongly about protecting
the kids as parental supervision at times is minimal.

Our house is approx 4 1/2 acres from the new house on
the other land.

Maybe we could borrow your tractor and patrol the boundary line.
Rolling Eyes


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