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tar on wood floor

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i started pulling up this armstrong tile flooring up and they have tar underneath... any suggestions on getting it up?
Hi Carla, nice to see you again.

Are you sure it is tar? What does it look like, and is there a pattern to it, or does it completely cover the floor?

Why are you trying to get it up? Are you hoping to refinish the floor underneath? What is underneath? Can you just re-floor right over it?
By the way how is the ol' injury doing? Rolling Eyes
They have this beautiful wood flooring i want to get finished i do not want to cover it up... the stuff underneath the old flooring is black and looks like the back of a peel and stick tile. i got up all the tiles theres just this black goop stuck on the floor!!! i also healed up really well i got rid of the trailer and bought a house.
I'm brand new to this forum, getting ready to lay some peel and stick tiles so I was looking around the flooring section and I saw your question. BE VERY CAREFUL...depending on how old that old tile is and the size of those old tiles you could be looking at old asbestos tiles and asbestos impregnated glue...I bought my 1940's beach cottage to live in year round last summer and started to merrily pull-up funky old red and cream colored floor tiles and found a nightmare covering up what turned out to be a beautiful oak floor (oh my, the trends we endure!). In the end I ended up calling in a professional floor person who didn't mind working with that black, toxic, horror!
I know this post is a little late but I hope it helps.

That's great advice, thanks for sharing it with us.

You're not really going to go it alone, you have us! Very Happy

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