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Old Dishwasher vs New Dishwasher -- same wires?

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Okay, I am trying to get rid of an old Frigidaire dishwasher by putting in a Bosch. My only question (for right now anyway:) ) is once I unscrew the wiring from the fridgedaire will it all match up to the bosch or is the Bosch wiring so completely different? My husband seems to think the wiring is all different and that we need to pay some man an obscene amount of money to come install it. Is it doable for two novices like us? Please someone help us:) Thank you so much!!
They are probably the same, but I am not sure, so let's talk about it.
Mine was completely the same. My old dishwasher was about 15 or 20 years old, and was a Maytag or a Hotpoint or one of those brands.

Have you opened up the electrical box on the old dishwasher and looked at the wires yet?

What do you see?

Can you take a picture of it?

Have you looked at the wiring box on and/or the instructions for the new dishwasher?

If it is the same, it should be a wire-for-wire replacement; the hot lead will go to the hot, neutral to neutral and ground to ground.
From the electrical supply you should have 1 black wire, 1 white wire and 1 bare copper (sometimes green covered) wire. In the electrical box of the new dishwasher you should have a black and white which you will attach color matched with wire nuts, and then you will attach the bare copper wire to a grounding point with a screw.

Here is a picture of about what your connections should look like. This is actually the connections on a different appliance, but with the exception of the shape of the box and the location of the grounding screw, it should be pretty close.

There's a bigger picture and inside of a dishwasher at the Black and Decker site:

If you don't have exactly this setup, lets see the pictures.

As always, if you have doubts about your ability to handle this job, sometimes it's best to call for an experienced hand. (Watch what they do so you can learn!)
PS We love our Bosch, and I was very surprised (after I ordered it) that it had no real drying "cycle". It uses a rinse agent to help water sheet off of the dishes, and the heat on the dishes plus the colder stainless tub causes the water to leap from the dishes and condense on the stainless. I didn't believe it, but it works really well, 99% of the time. If you get any brown spotting, increase the amount of rinse agent used per cycle.

It is VERY quiet. We only hear it running in the next room when the pump operates to evacuate the water, and then we are mostly hearing the water going into the pipes. A stopper in the drain of the sink would probably reduce that, but it is very minor anyway. If you are in the kitchen when it is running, you can faintly hear when water is filling, and when it is scrubbing the dishes you can hear the faint sound of water as the arm swings by the door about once per second, equivalent to a medium to light rain on a skylight.



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