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Attaching wood joists or rafters to a steel I-Beam

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I have a big garage that has a 30 foot steel I-Beam running down the middle. The lower half of the beam is exposed. At the ends of the I-Beams are lolly columns.

I would like to make a nice big shelf suspended from the ceiling from the I-Beam to the wall. The span is 9 feet. I can put up a ledger of some sort on the wall, or I am thinking of building some shelves that will come out 2 feet and can serve as the support for the shelving.

The I beam only has about 7 1/2 inches to the ceiling from the upper edge of the exposed lower cross piece, that's a little bit shallow as a 2x4 on the flat plus a thin sheet of plywood will take up about 2 of those inches. I could put the plywood on the bottom face of the shelf, but... well.

What I would like is some sort of a hanger that will "grab" the lower half of the I-Beam and create a transition to the wood rafters. The best I can come up with is something like some large C-Clamps closed around and hanging from the beam with a two by four running through them (along with and parallel to the beam) to act as the rim joist(?) for the shelving.

What I envision is some manufactured steel pieces that will bolt together clamping the beam and providing a hole for a 2x4 below, and I guess a couple of little flanges for screws or nails to secure the 2x4.

Does anything like this exist?

Thanks Guru!


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