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Stack pipe woes

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I inherited a rather dilapidated 2-story row house and I'm trying to rehab the property to rent it out.

A plumber with a fancy camera gizmo has shown me the crack in the stack pipe so I really do have to get it fixed.

But all the plumbers who have given me estimates have taken one look at me and I can feel the price go up. Hmmmmm

How much should I really spend on a 4" cpv stack pipe from the basement connection straight up to the 2nd floor plumbing?

This Pauline is in peril!
If the pipe can be replaced with abs (black plastic) or pvc (white plastic) pipe, and no walls have to be opened up to get access, then it should be a days pay and some materials. If walls have to be opened up it could get a bit pricey because of patching, plastering, painting afterwards...

Is the crack above the highest plumbing fixture? If not, the connections to these fixtures have to be dealt with also.
So the plumber who's references checked out and who had a decent bid came out to fix the stack pipe as scheduled.

After he tore out the wall he claimed that the risers were too close to the stack pipe and that there was a 70% chance that they would be damaged while taking the stack out. To cut the stack pipe they use some kind of chain saw I'm told. So of course he offered to replace the risers for another $1200. Hmmmmm?

I don't see why this was such a surprise when even I can see how close the risers are to the stack from the basement. (Photo 1)

We ended up using the epoxy putty to fix what turned out to be a REALLY LONG crack in the pipe. You can see the long line off silver attached to the pipe. (Photo 2)

BUT don't PANIC!! This is a temporary fix and I'm out getting bids again to fix the stack without having to touch the risers. I have until I close the walls.

I did this because I really need some kind of toilet in site while I'm doing the rest of the work in the house (demo of several walls and ceilings, demo and replacement of kitchen and bathroom, popcorn removal etc.) If I don't have ANY bathroom for the pople working here I'll have to rent a Port-a-potty.

So, Do you think the risers are too close?



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