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Bees at School

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There are bees at my high school -mostly around the trash cans outside- and I am highly allergic. I am also in a drum line of sorts, and I'm required to spend a good deal of time outdoors. The bees seem to be angered by our music, or something, because they keep flying towards us. They freak me out a lot, so I can't even focus on playing with them around. How do I repel them, or get rid of them?
I don't know of a way to repel bees away from a person. I'm guessing that wearing a bee suit is out of the question? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

I would start by talking about this with the instructor or coach of your activity. Perhaps they can move the activity away from the nest(s).

If that doesn't help, I would talk with someone else in authority at your school, and tell them (nicely and calmly!) that you are nervous around the pests and that you have tried (and your instructor has tried) to fix the problem, but it looks like the pest's nest or hive should be found and either destroyed or relocated, depending on what type of insect it is.

Good luck and be sure to come back and tell us how it is working out!
I informed the administrators that the bees were making our group, and many other students, nervous. They say they're going to fix the issue (finally after several months) soon. Until then, I guess we just have to try not to run off campus screaming like the crazed, lunatic teenagers we are. Smile
I am allergic as well, so I really do understand. Now
that you have brought the problem to their attention,
they really must address it. It may be pushing it, but
I'm sure if you point out that the cost of removing the
problem is far less than if you were stung and had to
sue them for not dealing with it. I myself would probably
never sue - but I am not above using the thought to
make sure the problem was taken care of. For me and
maybe for you as well, it is litterally a matter of life and
death. The vibration and activity in the immediate area
is bound to stir them up. There is no way that I know of
to repell them from stinging you. I wish there were!



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