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Joists resting directly on steel beam?

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I am wondering if it is ok to place floor joists directly on top of a steel beam that spans and supports the joists, or do you need a to place a sill plate on top of the beam between the joists and the top of the beam?

Well, I'm not the expert in this area, but you need to mechanically fasten the wood to the steel and there are several ways to do this.

A couple of ways are to lag (bolt) a sill to the flange of the beam then attach the joists as you suggest, another might be to have steel angles welded to the top of the flange of the beam and nail through the angles into the joist. Yet another way is to have joist hangers welded to the beam and as usual nail into the beam through the hangers.

Did you have a method in mind? Is this in an existing application, or are you trying to design something?


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