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I pulled wallpaper off my walls Crying or Very sad and now I have HUGE gouges. I know it was a dump thing to do. But now I'm, stuck, the type of sheetrock I have isn't the kind with the white chalky center, it has what seems to be paper, which is similiar to the color of a paper grocery bag. I have tried to use a light quick drying compound but it doesn't adher. What would you suggest.

Thank you
Hi. Welcome to the Repair-Place.

Can you take a picture of it?
I can but I'm not at that location now.

Durabond 90, Patching plaster, Easysand 90
are all powder and need to be mixed with water. Use Durabond or patching plaster for large holes tat need to be 'filled' but DON'T over fill. It is extremely hard and will not sand off well if it is too full. Leave it a little 'low' in the gouge or hole. Patching plaster hardens in about 5 - 10 mins so mix a small batch at a time. Durabond hardens in 90 mins (for the 90 type but is also available in 30 or 60) but you can't work with it too well after about 45.

Easysand comes in 3 'speeds' also 20 - 60 - 90. BUT the big difference it is like joint compound as far as sanding!

Work a small manageable area at a time, don't rush and it will come out perfect!!


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