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I was using my Porter Cable DA250A finish nailer the other day when it made a "pop" and quit firing. I'm sort of guessing it blew a gasket or O-ring. Is this a DIY repair, or do I need to ship the tool off to Porter-Cable? Thanks for your help!! -RKM
I guess that question has more to do with your level of "handyness" ("Handiness"?). You can get the repair kit, or you can send it off.

Before you decide, check out this post from another member:

homerowner wrote:
Well I decided to throw away the Porter Cable nailer and just buy a new one. The cost to repair the old one was getting to be close to the price of just purchasing a new 18 guage gun.
I decided to get a nail gun with a lifetime free repairs. I went with Bostitch BT200 about $85.00. Same nail sizes 1/2" - 2". Bostitch offers 'Swat Meets' where they will repair any nail gun free if you buy a box of nails. They are usually at a local lumber yard during the warmer months. You could check the bostitch website to see when and where they are. I have had other nail guns rebuilt free this way! Great service!!

All that said, I haven't ever done the repair myself, but I'm pretty sure TheGuru has. If we can get his attention to this question he might be able to give you a better answer than mine.

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I have done nail gun rebuilds many times. I would say it is on a hardness scale of 1 to 10 around a 3. fairly easy....
I would take it to a place/repair shop that sells the kit you might need and ask for advice on which part they should sell you. You don't want to purchase a complete o ring kit when you need the trigger.... or vice versa

I do utilize the Bostitch S.W.A.T. meets with my Bostitch repairs!!


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