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How are floor plan dimensions measured on the job site?

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From external wall stud to wall stud or from sheathing to sheathing?

I have a carpenter crew framing a house for me and they have measured all exterior walls from the sheathing to sheathing. Well this takes up about 1/2 inch on each side for a floor plan that is now 1 inch shorter than the blueprint plans. The framer is saying that is how its done but verbally he said "yes" when I asked him if the exterior wall studs will line up flush with the sill plate. Its a big problem because my house was not designed around a one inch shorter floor plan. One inch doesn't seem like much but everything on the plans will have to be shifted and this is completely impractical. Are the floor plan exterior dimensions measured from exterior outside to outside wall studs or outside to outside of the sheathing? What should I do?
Framing measurements are typically from face of stud to face of stud or possibly center of walls. The draftsperson should normally indicate this on the plan. Outside sheathing usually will extend to bottom of sole plate so that the wall is tied together for seismic or uplift concerns. Usually dimensions for a house are not figured to tight for a 1 inch difference to have any impact. Tolerances are for the most part built in to allow for changes in finish detailing. Such interior treatments are not ordered till the wall and finish dimensions are cemented in figuarative concrete. If you order to soon you bare the responsibilty.


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