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Replacing My Countertop-Can I Relaminate? Should I Replace?

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Hi, my wife & I are currently remodeling our kitchen. I have found forums within this site VERY helpful on cabinet refacing & peel&stick flooring. But now I am stuck....lol. We need to replace our countertop now. We currently have A laminate top, and are attempting to replace or reface with another laminate. To keep a long story short...I am stuck! Can I relaminate? Or do I need to replace? How do I go about either process? Any advice will be most appreciated. PLEASE HELP! lol. Thanx.

You can ALMOST CERTAINLY re-laminate your old countertop if it is in pretty good shape now, and not pulling up anywhere. If it is pulling up, I would be very concerned about putting another layer on top, without understanding the reason the current layer failed. You will have to re-attach the current layer before going over it with new laminate.

You'll have to buff/sand down the current layer a bit to thoroughly clean it, you will have to remove the sink and faucet(s), stove, cooktop.

You will need a router with a flush trim bit to trim the edges, and perhaps a zip tool to make the sink cutout (although you can probably just make a hole in the center and run the router to and around the inside edge). You will need contact cement and some clean dowels and/or wood strapping of some sort to keep the sheets apart prior to final placement, and a J-Roller to press the laminate to the new surface. A fine metal file (use a half-round) to smooth the laminate edges is usually needed after routing. For the front edge (if it's square) some recommend you use some clamps to hold it in place for a bit, but I'm not sure that is necessary.

There are lots of good links that will show laminate technique on the web. They'll have nice pics, too! Wink

I have not ever done laminate over a bull nose front. If you have a post-formed countertop with a bull-nose... I'm not sure how to ensure a good bond.

Does this answer your basic questions?


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