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Jacuzzi tile removal-How do I get the tiles off?

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Rolling Eyes our bathroom jacuzzi's motor is acting up. we have almost solved that problem, but jacuzzi is wrapped on 3 sides with black 4" tile, allllllllll the way around. With 2 steps leading up to tub. We are trying to hack away the steps and surrounding tiles to make the room larger, but it's a tough job getting the tile removed. We have tried several ways of sawing. Any suggestions?
Post a picture so we can see what you're talking about and what you're dealing with.
i certainly would gladly insert a picture if I knew how to do it from these boards?? I usually am able to do that fairly easy, but I can't seem to find out on here.
This board doesn't host any pics, the pic will have to be hosted someplace like flickr.


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