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removing dog poo stains from wood floors

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My poor puppy got ill and I now have nasty poo stains on my wood floors. I intially cleaned everything w/ murphys oil for the floors. my finish is a satin finish but it seems the loser who did the floor missed certain spots with the finish and this particular spot is included. so it seems the stain is on the floor itself. any solutions on how to cover or remove the stains? it looks like a trail...
You can try some enzymatic cleaners to try and break down the proteins in the stains, and then scrub again, but I'm not sure that's going to help.

Bleaching or heavy scrubbing with TSP (Spic and Span perhaps) might help, but might also remove finish leaving a lighter area. What color is the rest of the floor, dark or light?

You might need to sand the whole floor and refinish. Is it solid wood floor or a laminate like pergo? If it is a laminate you may not be able to sand at all.

If you have a nice throw rug... Rolling Eyes

Hey, it was probably time to rearrange the furniture anyway. Cool
thanks for your suggestions. my floor is wood/parquest/satin finish. not looking to redo anything, trying to sell! unfortunately the stain is right at the entrance, in the doorway of the room. looks like a throw rug will have to do. Rolling Eyes
Put a nice small throw rug in front of every door, and it'll look like it is a style thing (as long as they don't check under THE wrong one.) Wink

BTW in case you're not familiar with them, enzymatic cleaners are designed to break down the proteins in a stain, some are geared specifically towards pet stains. "Nature's Miracle" does well with pet urine, I don't know about poop.

Good luck with the sale.


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