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Removing peel and stick floor and laying a new one

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I have peel and stick from about 8 years ago,I am in the process of replacing it again not a bad lifespan. Buy the high end it counts!
My question is this I am removing the old tile not easy (heat gun) and there is glue residue what is the best way to get this off and without fumigating everyone? Also do I now stagger the new floor a half inch or so ,that way the new floor is not exactly where the old one sat. Thanks in advance
Not my area of expertise, and TheGuru is laid up right now. Maybe we can coax him to answer in a day or two.

Does the removal almost make you wish you went for the low end peel and stick tiles? (Would they have left less residue?)
Well I don't know about that but I bet I would have been doing this sooner.
Oh and the flooring was not the problem causing the removal. My wonderful leaking fridge caused this mess.
I have a new question,I removed much of the sticky stuff after two tries but there still remains a sticky residue. This is not as sticky but none the less. So If I were to go ahead and re-level the floor (filling in the nail heads and feathering the edges) can I go ahead and put a sealer on the whole floor and then tile? Or will the sealer cause issues . Should I go without the sealer?


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