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How big is a freight container?

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How big is a freight container?

A freight container has very specific dimensions as laid out by ISO 1161:1984 --

I found this info online:
A 20 foot freight container
195 X 78 X 79.5 ( Length X Width X Height).
Volume: 1,159 cubic feet.
Dry Container weight: Approximately 4200 pounds.
Dry Capacity: approximately 49,000 pounds.

But that'll teach me to go online to find out important info.

That's a 20 foot container. There are other sizes. Call a cargo container freight shipping company for the real scoop.

Unfortunately, ISO wants about $100 for me to download the actual specs. Evil or Very Mad
I think a 20 footer's dimenions are

19' 10.5" X 8'0" X 8' 6" giving 1171 feet3

Better idea is to get in touch with your shipper.
I think the first numbers were for internal capacity, and the second are external dimensions. But I like the idea of contacting the shipping company!


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