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Dryvit resurfacing

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Hope you can help. Our home has an exterior stucco finish of Dryvit. We purchased the home new in 1990 and have not had any structural problems with the product....however, we have rust spots showing up constantly on the surface. Then the spots end up "running" to make unsightly marks on the surface of the house. Our house painter brought in an "expert" to help with the problem. They selected paint that was supposed to do the trick. It only lasted a couple of years and then the spots were back. We have now spoken with two contractors. One of them wants to remove the Dryvit and replace it with hardcoat stucco (to the tune of $75,000 !!) The other has suggested that we cover the Dryvit with Hardy plank. That would totally change the design of our home. Is there any way to resurface the Dryvit with something that will be permanent and prevent the "bleeding"? Could it be skim coated with a hard coat type product?


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