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ROOTO melted the pipes in my Kitchen Drain

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I have had a lot of problems with my kitchen sink drain clogging and was advised to use a product called ROOTO (concentrated sulfuric acid I believe). This worked temporarily, but the drain just kept reclogging and I kept using the product until it caused 2 problems....

1. The acid melted the glue around where the plastic drain pipe attaches the sink, so everything was just flowing out of the sink and around the pipe into the cupboard below!

2. The acid burned holes in a small part of the big iron pipe where all of the pvc drain pipes and toilet tie in to go out to the septic. (Sorry, I don't know what this big pipe is called.)

Go easy on me... I'm a woman with limited tools, but willing to follow instruction and rent or buy what I need. I think I can attach the plastic pipe under the sink...just need to know what glue to buy. I know the second problem is more involved...please advise...
#1 Why does the drain keep clogging ?

# 2 Muriatic acid does well for cleaning, but I'm not sure about the sulphuric acid

#3 Cut the pipe in an accessible area. It can NOT be where it is buried in a wall, but out visible, like under the sink. Make sure it is cut in a comfortable access area as possible to allow work to be done.

Go to a supplier and purchase a neoprene sleeve compatible to the OD of the pipe that you cut. It should cost about $5 to $8

Note this sleeve is installed by tightening a clamp which comes with the sleeve, actually there are two, one on either end.

Note these sleeves can be purchased with different sized ends if and when necessary.

Note these are quite commonly available at Lowes, Home Depot, Ace and or True Value Hardware Stores

Once making the connection to a good exhaust end replace the rest as necessary.
I'm not sure what you are referring to as a Big Pipe.

Cast Pipe might be 4" and plastic might be 3" and copper has a dimension

of it's own.

Big pipe clamp connections are available, but are higher priced than the $5

to $8 range mentioned in my last post.

Depending on which supplier that you choose will allow the availability of

these more diversed type of clamp fittings, 90's, tees, and so on.

And it will probably take more than one depending on your tooling

and skill level.

Really once you have made that transition from the big pipe you can do it

all with PVC or ABS and tie it in with just the one neoprene connector.

It is important to know that some suppliers are much more limited in

offering fitting availability than others.
I can't tell from the description if that piece of pipe that was burned through wasn't a piece of lead pipe?

I know that using very hot (near boiling) water with drano can cause lead pipe to leak.
I would have to guess that if there is a glue joint involved, it would have to be either PVC or ABS Pipe. Sulphuric Acid and Drano are two different chemicals on either end of the PH Scale
The Drano power crystals are simply colored salt, and are the least powerful ingredient. The crystallized lye reacts with fats to form soap. The machined shards of aluminum react with the lye to generate near-boiling temperatures. The sharp shards in the hot churning lye physically cut hair and dislodge deposits. A better choice than sulphuric acid


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