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A shower for a senior citizen or two

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I need to have a bathtub/shower taken out and replaced with a walk-in, wheelchair-accessible shower. I am beyond ovewhelmed, exhausted, and confused with the whole THOUGHT of this process and talking/dealing with all these contractors, "skilled tradesmen", and moonlighting piano players. We have a window where our bathtub is (on the outside wall) and one contractor suggested a big pre-fab plastic shower that would actually COVER UP the window (!) - another said he would put the shower together in pieces of acrylic, another recommended fiberglass, another tiles. i need a QUALITY shower that is safe for a senior citizen who needs to sit down when he washes his legs and another who will be in a wheelchair. i am clueless as to what kind to get, how much i should expect to pay total, and who to hire. a plumber? a jack of all tradesmen? everyone says it's no big deal and they can all do it/the project - but what do i use to base my decision? (besides not hiring the guy who had been drinking) Rolling Eyes


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