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XH Cast converting to ABS

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I am in a situation where I am working on a total remodel of a second floor bathroom. The sewer line to the old toilet was cast 4" XH.
Wanting to convert to 4" ABS , I heated the lead and removed it, and the oakum and the cast XH stab for the closet flange.
With the hub now nice and clean I was ready to install a conversion donut made by Tyler Pipe Industry in Tyler Texas.
But the standard 4" EZ-Tight is made to fit an SV weight cast pipe. The XH Cast pipe has a somewhat large Hub ID. So I found a conversion donut, also made by Tyler Industry, for XH pipe which is harder to find.
First the Hub and donut are coated with a non petroleum type lubricant and the donut inserted into the hub, the easy part. Now comes the insertion of the 4" ABS into the donut. The pipe was chamfered and coated with the lubricant and once finally inserted it was in so tight that a
chain wrench could not turn the 4" ABS but inturn actually deformed and dented it.
Having planned for such damage I made the stab long enough to be able to cut it back as to remove the damage and gain corect length.
This conversion has allowed me to place the toilet where intended.
A 4"X4" X 2" " Y " was glued to the 4" ABS stab as to accomodate a bath tub and vanity. Customer concerns were to the affects of drain cleaner
with regards to the conversion donut . Hopefully it is not affected by a Drano Type Product ? What do you think ?


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