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HELP! Farberware (Faberware) open hearth grill rotisserie

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My mother had a Faberware (I think) open rotisserie and the quality of food that came off of that spit was unreal. I have very fond memories of smelling that turkey ALL DAY and being teased ALL DAY while it was cooking... and it was SOOOO good!

This thing could cook a seriously large bird or roast. I seemingly could watch for hours as the drippings went round and round and round as the meat was turning on the spit.

I know that the cord had become frayed and the very unique Bakelite-like plug felt like it was getting a little brittle so we deemed the open pit broiler unit to be too unsafe to use anymore. Unfortunately they don't make this open rotisserie any more, perhaps its design is too dangerous for today's modern society, but I wonder if that could be replaced now.

Sooo, where can I get parts?


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