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AOSafety Face Mask Respirator Replacement Filter Cartridges

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I have the AOSafety (didn't AO stand for American Optical?) Respirator with the cartridges with the purple stripe around them. I thought they said Asbestos on them, but they don't. They DO say "organic vapors" but I take that to mean volatile vapors like hydrocarbons. It does say 8053-P100 on the cartridge.

So is this good for Asbestos or not?

For some reason, the phrase "NIOSH TC-23" sticks in my head, but it also sticks in my head that I've looked this up before and I was wrong. These cartridges say NIOSH 12777B.

If this isn't good for Asbestos, where can I get a good respirator that will protect against all hazards?


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