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Replacing drywall (or is it tape??) in a corner

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I had a leak between the drywall and the siding, in a corner. The corner makes an inwards vee. The leak has been fixed, I'm not worried about mold, but the drywall is stained. I say drywall, but I'm thinking it's just the tape where the corners abut. How hard would this be to replace? Or should I forget about replacing, paint with a base coat of Kilz (or something like that), and repaint the corner?

Try the easiest method first == kilz then paint.
Even if the tape is buckling, you may be able to get it below the surface with some drywall screws then a bit of spackling (and sanding) and paint to cover.
Perhaps just cutting out a little section and patching with some spackle (and sanding) might work well.

I think that removing the tape and refinishing both walls into the corner is a much larger job to get it smooth on both walls, floor to ceiling.


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