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Frozen Frost-proof hose bibs

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I have a hose bib on my barn that freezes solid in the winter. It is a new anti-siphon type (which I think is the problem). It seems to work fine until it is used when the temperature is very low, and then the next morning it is frozen solid. Heating it with a hair dryer can get it to work again, but this is a big time waster. First, what do you think the problem is, and second, would it help to remove the anti-siphon valve and replace it with a rubber stopper? I know this defeats the purpose of the anti-siphon function, but it beats hauling 5 gallon pails of water to the horses 150 feet down an ice-covered hill. BTW, the space inside the barn is heated (slightly) so the piping inside is fine - but I don't have a fuacet in there.
Perhaps the angle of installation was off, allowing water to stay in the faucet instead of draining out.

You can try covering the faucet with an insulating cone that will quickly attach and detach. They run between $2 and $5 when it's warmer... Wink

Try this link to Google for some ideas.


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