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Started ripping out carpet yesterday it had been there for years and there have been three cats using it as a litter box for two years while the house was vacant .
We were able to get the carpet and 90% of the padding up but we are stuck scraping the rest of the residue up and dealing with the smell so far i ahve found that if you scrub with a scrub brush and some l.a. totally awesome cleaner that will remove most of the reside with a little elbow grease for those of us with out alot of money l.a. totally awesome is only 3 dollars for a gallon and available at most dollar type stores then after you let that dry for a bit pour vinegar over the spot and scrub again it may take a try or two to get teh smell out depending on how bad it is and the stain will be gone after that as well like i said this is the best way to ge it done for those who are on a very limited budget and need it done asap Very Happy


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