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HELP!! Extreamly difficult Wallpaper

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I just bought a house and started doing some work on it. The entire house has painted over wall paper. I can tell because every 18" or so I can see a vertical seam. To give some background on what I'm dealing with the wallpaper is probably about 60yrs old, (the age of the house) and I really have no idea what kind it is. it just flakes off in small pieces and takes the paper from the drywall with it. I have been trying to get it off and nothing seems to be working. I have used a steamer, I tried using a scoring tool and the steamer, I used the piranha wall paper removal kit (scoring tool, scraper, and removal chemical), I used the paper tiger scoring tool with the DIF (i think that's the brand) removal chemicals, I have used fabric softener cut with water. Nothing seems to work. Most areas none of these options work and even when they do the dry wall gets destroyed. The paper on the dry wall comes off with the wallpaper. I have been keeping it saturated and left the chemical on for 20 min or so. I got to a point where I was getting it off and even though the top layer of dry wall was coming off with it. I thought I would be able to sand the remaining paper (possibly called the backing) I tried a sample area where the top layer of paper from the dry wall was removed and I sanded down the paper left behind. I painted a small 1' square with a latex primer and gave it 3 coats allowing each one to dry. It looked great while I was putting it on but just before I left for the day I noticed that there were still a bunch of small indentations I could see. Maybe it was just the lighting but it still looked awful. I have been thinking about buying this http://www.simplestrip.com/ (Simple Strip, from Wallwik). They claim it works really well but at this point I'm extremely skeptical. everything I do either doesn't take off the wall paper or destroyed the dry wall. I really don't want to do it but I'm about to gut the place and do all new drywall. Any suggestions or help with this would be greatly appreciated!!!
Oh, and every scoring tool I buy seems to fall apart fairly quickly. I have used the piranha brand and the paper tiger. any suggestions for that?


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