Citizen Watch Repair

Citizen Watch Repair

Rosebud! Oh, this isnít about Citizen KANE? Oh yeah. Right. Well, these are the some of the best Citizen Watch repair companies that there are. Some are inexpensive, but others are not; youíll have to check them all out, and see who has the best value (Price and Service) for you.
First off, bookmark this page; Youíll want to come back here to complete your research.

Citizen watch repair service might have: Complete disassembly, cleaning and reassembly and lubrication of movement. Replacement of all gaskets. Water resistance test. Demand a minimum of a one year warranty on all repair services.
Repairing your Citizen can be a borderline thing... if you send it to one of the pros, or ifyou take it to your corner jeweller -- BE SURE to get an estimate from them UP FRONT.  If they wonít give you even a ballpark figure, go elsewhere. Good luck!

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